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Trophic signaling by gdnf family ligands and their receptors in neuronal development and repair (GDNF)


The goal of this project is to elucidate novel molecular and cellular mechanisms of nervous system development and repair using the paradigm of the GDNF family offloads and their receptors. GDNF is a potent growth factor for various central and peripheral neurons and has received much attention as a potential therapeutic agent for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Our strategy is to address crucial gaps in the understanding of the role of GDNF legends in neuronal development, function and repair, with the confident expectation that this will reveal new principles of neurodevelopment and neuroprotection of general applicability. To this end, we propose to integrate studies on novel GDNF signalling receptors, GDNF target genes, novel tissue-specific knock-out and transgenic models, development of peripheral and central neural stem cells, and mechanistic bases of neuroprotection in stroke and Parkinson's disease models.

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