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3rd forum of european neuroscience (FENS FORUM 2002)


This is the largest European conference on Neuroscience, organised by the French Society des Neurosciences on behalf of the Federation of the European Neuroscience Societies. From July 13 to 17, 2002, it will discuss and present cutting-edge developments in Neuroscience. With 8 plenary lectures by leaders of the field, 51 thematic symposia, and 4500 poster presentations, it will cover a broad range of topics from basic science to clinical applications such as neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders. 6000 delegates are expected, and a considerable effort will be made to attract young scientists from all over Europe, particularly from Eastern European countries. The objective of this Forum is not only to promote scientific progress, but also to trigger collaborations between European scientists and contribute to the development of collaborative research and the establishment of Neuroscience networks across Europe.


Rue Léo Saignat 146
33076 Bordeaux