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Health care in chronic non-fatal disease by the example of inflammatory bowel disease


The present study concentrates on health care in the field of gastroenterology in which an important chronic non- fatal disease will undergo synchronous, uniform, and (near) total analysis of all-important aspects related to long-term disease outcome. In addition, this effort will be made in a European population based patient group covering the whole geographic width of the continent. The effort will be facilitated by the fact that the patient cohort is already well defined by previous studies. Our hypothesis is that chronic non-fatal diseases have an evolving course in time. "Natural course of disease" does not exist any more, as changing therapeutic, social, and environmental factors continuously influence the outcome. The proposed study will serve as an example to the medical and paramedical community, showing periodical updating to be necessary for every chronic non-fatal Condition. This study will deliver simultaneous scientific evidence of all aspects influencing disease outcome for both the single patient and the community. Based on this evidence a convincing model will be contemplated forth European Community to project health care planning for both IBD and other chronic non-tat diseases

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