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Seminar on the application of Laufband (treadmill) -therapy


The principle of task dependent training in order to restore locomotive capabilities has recently been emphasised in rehabilitation of spinal cord injured and stroke patients. Intensive training of upright walking on a treadmill while applying the "rules of spinal locomotion" has been proposed (Treadmill, Laufband, LB therapy). Patients are supported by a harness suspended from the ceiling and limb and rump movements are supported and controlled by one or two therapists. LB-Therapy so far is in use in a few Middle European countries as well as in single clinics in USA.

A considerable number of European rehabilitation centers has recently asked for advice to establish Laufband-therapy in their clinics. As an outflow of this interest we are preparing a proposal for a controlled, randomised multi-center trial within in the 5th Framework (11.2) announced by the European Commission to apply the therapy to most severely paralysed acute spinal cord injured and stroke patients.

Call for proposal

1999/C 64/13-5
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