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Therapeutic utilization of a novel enzyme with unique adhesion properties


Two independent paths of research have recently converged with the finding that an adhesion receptor (vascular adhesion protein-1, VAP), which is critically involved in the process of leukocyte trafficking to sites of inflammation in man, is a semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidise (SSAO). Sass is enzymes with a hitherto unknown physiological role witch have been indicated to play a role in pathogenesis of diseases such as diabetes and arteriosclerosis. The sudden convergence of the adhesion and enzymologist fields of research has highlighted a clear need for a partner network consisting of world leading experts in VAP/SSAO biology to elucidate the function, clinical importance and therapeutic potential of VAP/SSAO proteins. The multidisciplinary expertise of the partners (molecular biology, leukocyte trafficking, enzymologist, clinical medicine) will ensure achievement of the project. The results of this project are expected to form the basis for the future design of novel therapeutics and diagnostic tools for acute and chronic diseases in which adhesive and activities of VAP/SSAO play a fundamental role.

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