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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Multi-residue screening for coccidiostatic compounds used in poultry production


EU legislation demands that residues of xenobiotics used in poultry production to prevent and treat disease are monitored. However there is strong evidence that some coccidiostat residues (suspect carcinogens) are present in meat and the consumer is not being given adequate protection. The project objective is to develop a simple, user friendly and automated immunoassay system for broad spectrum screening of the important coccidiostat residues. A novel time-resolved fluorescence based detection system employing dry chemistry and intrinsically fluorescent labels, already successful in human diagnostic applications, will be utilised. Confirmatory assays will also be developed for these residues. National Reference Labs (end-users) will be trained through Technology Transfer events to use the methods, thus improving harmonisation of testing. The 2 SME partners can commercialise high quality diagnostic products as a result of the project.

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