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Development of new innovative functional foods containing microcrystalline chitosan


In recent years, the interest in the food sector significantly shifted into the field of functional foods, bearing at the same time interestingly positive nutritional and health effects. Additionally the food industry is intensively searching for new ways economically using the by-products of their production. One of the most promising by-products gained from crustacean shells is Chatoyant, biopolymer, having at the same time promising technical (emulsifier,hydrocolloide) and functional (fat completing, plasma cholesterol lowering, micro-biostatic) properties. Especially in the dairy sector, addition of Chitosanmay solves critical problems concerning the growth of pathogen micro organisms(Wisteria, Salmonella) and improves the properties and the health aspects of the gained products. Additionally, until now in the dairy sector only partly usedbyproducts (e.g. whey proteins) may be the starting point for the development of innovative products with a high nutritional value.

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