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Development of a electronic nose system for the automated quality control of smoked fish


Fish is an important and popular food in all countries of the European Union. On average, each citizen of the EU consumed about 25 kg of fish per year, from which 10% was smoked fish. The annual production of smoked fish products in Europe in 1996 was 100.000 tons, the turnover of the industry producing smoked fish and products from smoked fish was about 1200Mio in 1996. The industry producing smoked fish products is crucially dependent on the high quality of their products. The consumers demand more and more quality and freshness - thus, quality and freshness become the major topic for the success of these products on the market. Growing public awareness and scepticism of consumers on a hard fought market puts a continuous pressure on the companies towards product quality and quality control. Currently, the industry employs conventional quality control methods such as for example classical bacteriologic method, detection of total-volatile amines and lactic acid. Due to the limited reliability of these methods, there is a great interest in having automated quality control systems such as the Electronic Nose proposed here available. Against this background it's therefore the objective of the proposed research project, to develop a new, automated quall

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