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Simultaneous multi-detection of animal species in raw and processed foods


I know the applicant since 1992, when she was a student at the Biochemistry course at the School of Veterinary. I was then impressed by Natalie's willingness to learn and by her interest in approaching biological problems. This early interest was later reflected in the achievement of very high marks in related topics, as Genetics, Molecular Biology and so on. Although from a different department, I have been following Ms. Belo research quite closely, because of the relationship with my own research interests. The applicant has nearly finished her PhD training and during this period she has mastered a large number of techniques in molecular biology, becoming an expert in the identification of genetics marker in animal species. Her commitment to science has been very high and this has lead to the publication of several papers in international journals. It is my opinion that she has a very high potential for scientific achievement. The previous background of Ms. Belo makes her a perfect candidate to obtain the highest profit from training at the host institution, where she will develop genomic microchip technology to be used for the identification of genomic material from specific fish species. This is a very important, emergent technology, still restricted to a few leading laboratories, I should consider it as of high priority. In conclusion, I'm certain that Ms Belo is a very strong candidate for the proposed postdoctoral fellowship and I wish to explicitly give my warmest support for her application.

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