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The effect of olive oil consumption on oxidative damage in european populations


Euro live is a European multi-centre clinical nutritional trial concerning the effect of a traditional Mediterranean antioxidant-rich food, olive oil, on oxidative stress and damage to lipids and DNA in humans. EUROLIVE also aims at studying the bioavailability and the binding of olive oil phonemics compounds to low-density lipoproteins. Our study will focus on whether a reasonable supplemental amount of affianced (without phonemics), common (with low phenol content) and extra virgin (with high phenol content) olive oil would reduce lipid per oxidation and DNA oxidation in 180 humans from 3 European populations (Northern, Central and Southern), and whether there are differences) in effect according to the olive-oil phenol concentration. The market prices of olive oil differs being affianced and common olive oil cheaper than virgin olive oil.

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