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Childhood obesity: early programming by infant nutrition


Obesity has become a global epidemic and represents a major health challenge all across Europe. Obesity poses serious short and long-term health risks for the affected individual, as well as very high cost burdens for health care and social security systems. Developments of effective prevention strategies which start in childhood are therefore desirable. In addition to genetic disposition and current lifestyle factors, early nutrient supply during infancy has a lasting, programming effect on later obesity risk. High protein content in the diet during the first months of life, as is frequently experienced with current feeding concepts of formula and complementary foods, may predispose to an increased risk of later obesity. CHOPIN will investigate whether infant feeding regimes which differ in their protein and fat contents during the first two years of life influence an innovative, early marker of obesity development, namely the difference between length at two years of age and length at birth. If a relationship between dietary protein and fat (or their ratio) and obesity risk is confirmed, effective obesity prevention by counselling of young families and development of modified infant food products is possible.

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