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Using electronic identification (eid) and molecular markers (dna) for improving the traceability and meat.


Tractability is sensitive point for consumers. Despite this, methods for tracing meat are poorly developed. With this aim, a double system based on electronic identification (BID) and DNA profiling for tracing animals and meat, according to EC regulations, is proposed. Improving knowledge of EID and overcoming limiting factors in the use of bolus (ruminants) and inject able (pig) transponders, will be attempted. We will develop and test a competitive new reader, and automatic data transfer (animal to meat) and recovery of transponders in the abattoir will also be studied. For DNA profiling, selection of markers and comparison of sampling methods will be performed. Finally the evaluation of the implementation for tracing and quality monitoring of beef and pork meats, including the management of a data base and a cost. Benefit analysis, will be made.

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