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Tenth international symposium on coeliac disease : pathogenesis and outcomes


Coeliac disease (CD) is an intestinal disease induced in genetically predisposed patients by cereal proteins. Its incidence was recently estimated as 1/150 to 1/300 on the basis of serological surveys. Current studies indicate that CD is a unique situation at the frontier between food allergy, autoimmunity and cancer. CD has thus been researched actively in Europe for many years and very recently in the US. The TX International Symposium on Coeliac Disease will gather the leading experts to exchange the latest results in epidemiology, clinical and basic research and to promote their transfer to the patients. The main objectives of the meeting are to:
1 - update diagnostic criteria adapted to the new spectrum of the disease,
2- define a consensus methodology for serological screening,
3- update prognosis criteria and reappraise the role of the diet in preventing complications in order to define the aims and interest of mass screening,
4- update data on the pathogenesis and propose new therapeutically strategies targeting the mechanisms, and
5- thereby promote the organisation of new European collaborative networks.

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