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The conference new perspectives in nordic food research and innovation (NFRI)


The conference New Perspectives in Nordic Food Research and Innovation (NFRI) will focus on areas of research crucial to success in the food markets of the future - and arrange brokerage. Key topics:
a) Market oriented product development,
b) structural change in the food marketing chain,
c) food safety,
d) Knowledge Management,
e) Understanding the consumer. By:
A) Identify key resources and competences,
B) Create strategies which guide to long term building of key internal resources,
C) Motivate and reward people to contribute,
D) organise the interface between product development, production and market strategies,
E) Build motivation and trust in development networks,
F) include market research "Understanding the consumer" to work for consumer's choice and public health.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Holbergs Gate 11
0166 Oslo