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Integrated identification, tracking & record. generation for meat carcasses & primals


Following a steady increase in food product recalls, increased consumer food safety concerns and recent implementation of EU directives on products identification and tractability, there is a growing need and consumer demand for better identification, tracking and tracing of food. This is especially true of meat and meat products. Existing products provide very limited tractability while the carcass is intact, and none once break up commences. The proposed project tackles this problem based on a thorough understanding of the limitations of existing technology, a working knowledge of the requirements of the industry, consumers and regulators and 100+ years of meat industry experience. The approach will be to use a combination of robust code, a novel approach to marking carcasses, low cost technology for identification and recognition and the generation of records that can dynamically include processing and distribution information, live animal and grading data providing a complete encoded individual unique record of essential activities.

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