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Development of new food additives extracted from the solid residue of olive oil production for application in functional foods


Olive oil production is an important agricultural and industrial sector in Europe resulting to an annual production of more than 7 million tons of solid residue. The environmentally friendly disposal of the remaining solid filter cake is a serious environmental problem since the common deposition in olive plantations, the simplest waste disposal strategy causes environmental damage from ground water contamination and odour formation. In the organic matter of solid waste there are valuable organic substances which might be usable for food application. Until now, food application has been restricted due to the bitter compounds in native olives and oil mill residue. The main objectives of the project are the enzymatic or chemical destruction of the bitter compounds and subsequent production of high-value food additives for human nutrition. Positive health effects from such concentrates or food additives are expected, especially due to the high yield of dietary fibres, polyphenols,flavonoids and antioxidants.

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