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Fermentation of food products: optimised lactic acid bacteria strains with reduced potential to accumulate biogenic amines


Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) play an important role in the production of fermented food by dairy and wine industries. Decarboxylation of did- and tricarboxylic acids by LAB is a desirable step resulting in the production of compounds which enhance the organoleptic properties and/or the stability of the finished products .However, decarboxylation of amino acids (e.g. histamine, tyrosine) leads tithe production of bioorganic amines (BA) (e.g. histamine , tramline) which have undesirable toxic properties. The goal of the present proposal is to acquire anon-depth understanding of the individual acid, and amino acid decarboxylationpathways, to obtain strains unable to produce BA and to generate aroma producer strains resistant to acid stress. We aim to develop strains and systems for the food industries to avoid health risks of EA by controlling their production and, in parallel, to improve the beneficial citrate/maltase decarboxylating pathways

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