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Generic coronavirus vaccine vectors for protection of farm animals against mucosal infections


The proposal addresses the welfare and economic value of the 200 million swine and 4 000 million domestic fowl of the European Union bhy the development of attenuated avian and porcine coronaviruses as generic, multivalent and genetically tagged vector vaccines. Discoveries will also permit rational attenuation of coronaviruses, providing new strategies for vaccine development. The approach of targeted recombination has been proven. The major tool is a set of defective coronavirus RNAs containing genes of choice for recombination with attenuated helper coronavirus to produce desired recombinants, including prototype vaccines that are: genetically tagged; rationally attenuated and unable to revert; express genes for protective immunity, including those of porcine circovirus. The role of the latter in the poorly understood post-weaning multi systemic wasting syndrome of pigs, and the induction and basis of protective immunity to it, is part of this proposal.

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