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Multi-component salmonella livev vaccines: optimising molecular, cellular and immunological parameters to enhance vaccine safety and immunogenicity.


This proposal comprises two specific research thrusts. First, to support the development of fibrin micro beads (FMB) to enhance soft tissue repair and provide new cell delivery vehicles. In this thrust, most of our efforts will be focused on evaluating the use of plasma derived FMB for tissue engineering. For both mechanistic insights as well as potentially improved product safety, we will also evaluate r-FMB using recombinant fibrinogen derived from sheep milk, licensed from PPL to Smith & Nephew, for exploitation in tissue repair. In the second thrust the consortium will address the basic biochemistry of fibrinogen and related clotting factors (thrombin and factor XIII) in wound healing, supported by preclinical studies to assess in vivo activity. Comparisons with recombinant analogues will be made.

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