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A new vaccine strategy against serogroup b meningococcal infection: from antigen discovery to clinical trials


The aim of this proposal is to design a new vaccine strategy to prevent endemic sero- group B meningococcal infections. Previous strategies using outer membrane vesicles(OMV) purified from epidemic strains have been successful but remained limited to epidemic be- cause the immune response was restricted to strains homologous to that used to prepare the vaccine. In this proposal, we will develop an OMV vaccine using a genetically modified serogroup B strain to express high amount of an antigen that induces bactericidal antibodies against a wide range of MenB strains. This new vaccine wills
(i)benefit from the proven technology of using an OMV vaccine that presents the native antigen in outer membrane, and
(ii)improve that technology by including antigens that are efficient against a wide range of strains. This proposal encompass two major parts.
(i) The identification of outer membrane component(s)that are suitable for over expression in the vaccine strain
(ii)The over expression of successful candidates in the suitable strain. The recombinant bacteria will be used to produce OMVs and the OMV will be tested in human volunteers.

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