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Rational design and delivery of vaccines against infectious diseases in pigs : rapid identification of immunoprotective prv antigens and optimal antigen delivery systems


Vaccine design has mainly been based on a trial and error method without specific knowledge of requirements in terms of antigen composition and presentation, and the quality of immune response needed. In this project, we will use a methodological approach for designing efficacious and safe marker vaccines based on the identification of immuno-protective antigens, we will use efficient and biologically safe delivery systems and establish the quality of immunity required for prevention of disease and virus transmission. Using nucleic acid vaccine technology, parts of viral genome will be screened for novel immuno-protective antigens by expression library immunisation (ELI). Enhancement of the efficacy and bio safety of nucleic acid vaccines will be sought through
1) adjuration CpG motifs,
2) favouring T cell immunity through antigen - ubiquitin fusion,
3) using auto-replicative Sindbis vectors and respectively
4) species restricted promoters. Moreover, we will compare the efficacy of nucleic acid delivery with a potentially effective and safe antigen delivery system based on attenuated Orf virus recombinant vectors. Throughout the project, the type of immune responses will be analysed in relation to the quality if immunity that prevents disease and virus transmission, thereby defining correlates of vaccine induced immune protection.

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