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Development of therapeutic vaccines for chronic infections caused by the hepatitis c virus


The hepatitis c virus (hcv) is a major cause for chronic liver disease world-wide. Present therapies based on alpha-interferon and ribavirin can induce a sustained virologicaland biochemical response in 30-70 % of the patients. Thus, additional regimens are needed to improve treatment for chronic hcv infections. T cells have been found to play a central role in the clearence of hcv infections. A major problem is the high degree of genetic variability of hcv which probably caused the characterize hcv-specific vaccines based on the most conserved hcv proteins (core and ns3) by cloning genes from infected patients. These genes will form the base for recombinant proteins, synthetic peptides and genetic immunogens to be analysed in wild-type and transgenic mouse models. This proposal aim at to defining the optimal gene (s), the most potent vehicule, and the best route of delivery.

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