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European network for vaccine evaluation in primates: combined vector immunisations for aids vaccine development


Important vaccine against human pathogens, e.g. poliomyelitis virus and hepatitis B virus, could only be developed by trials in non-human primates. BSL 2 or 3 facilities suitable for housing infected non-human primates are scarce in Europe. No single European institute can house sufficient animals to generate statistically reliable results comparing multiple vaccine strategies. Thus, eight European primate facilities will establish a network for preclinical vaccine evaluation in non-human primates. To contribute to AIDS vaccine development and to prove our capacity to conduct highly co-ordinated vaccine trials, we propose to optimise combination of three genetically- based vaccines in a multi-centre experiment. Our concerted approach will optimise scarce European resources, improve our ability to conduct preclinical vaccine trials in relevant challenge models and enhance the global competitiveness of European vaccine developers.

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