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Stimulation of fish larval defence mechanisms against infectious diseases


Infectious diseases are major obstacles within European hatcheries . To cope with this, examinations of the ontogeny appearance of cells fighting pathogens and of the humeral and cellular ant microbial defence mechanisms must be performed. Once our understanding of these defence mechanisms such as the complement system, antibodies, proteases/ant proteases and leukocyte appearance and function is improved, strategies to prevent infectious diseases must be developed. These strategies include the use of immunostimulants and vaccines to increase the disease resistance against abundant pathogens such as atypical Aeromonassalmonicida, vibrato angular, SVCV, IPNV and VNN virus which are reported to cause mass mortality within European hatcheries. The commercially emerging and developed fish species that will be examined are: Sea bass, Atlantic halibut and cod, spotted wolfish and carp. The project does not involve Use of Gomes .

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