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Organisation of the 10th international conference on human retrovirology : HTLV and related viruses


The Human T Lymphotropic Viruses HTLV-I and HTLV-II infect some 20 million people, and are associated with haematological, neurological and inflammatory disorders. It is proposed to organise the l0th International Conference on Human Retrovirology in June 2001 in Dublin. This will be only the second time this has been held in Europe and will be organised by European by researchers. This will be multidisciplinary involving virologists, epidemiologists, immunologists, veterinarians and clinicians.

Primary objectives are to review the epidemiology of HTLVs in Europe, to provide researchers with up to date information on the molecular and immunological properties of the HTLVs, to more clearly define the clinical features of infection and to assess the roles of treatment and prevention by vaccination. A final objective will be to ensure widespread dissemination of information on these viruses to researchers in Europe and worldwide.


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1999/C 64/13-15
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