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Campylobacter control in broilers by means of in ovo vaccination .


Much of Europe's poultry production is contaminated with Campylobacter and this has been implicated as a major source of human infections. Symptoms in human beings are acute diarrhoea and fever. Post infection problems in man are reactive arthritis and Guillain-Barre syndrome. Prevention and control of Campylobacterat farm level has proven to be very difficult. Because of EC-Yaw, it is not allowed in Europe to decontaminate meat at the end of slaughter lines and to sell it as fresh meat, therefore it is necessary to try to find additional control methods. The objective is to improve prevention and control with regard to Campylobacter infections in broiler chickens by means of IN OVO vaccination. During step 2 of this project we will develop a vaccine against Campylobacterinfections in broiler chickens. Safety and efficacy will be investigated under laboratory and field conditions. We expect prevention of Campylobacter infection in broiler chickens or/and reduction of transmission ofCampylobacter in broiler flocks after initial infection. This will lead to improved health control for consumers of poultry meat.

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