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Advanced microencapsuled probiotic formulations for improved animal husbandry and consumer health .


The project seeks an alternative to the controversial antibiotics routinely given to intensively reared livestock . It will research novel microencapsulate robotics , consisting of beneficial bacteria normally resident in the intestine , enhanced with a botanical extract such a capsaicin . These will be tested in the laboratory and then in-vivo , with the aim of obtaining an effective replacement for routine antibiotics . Micro encapsulation will be important for improved shelf life , safe transport to the intestine through the stomach (particularly challenging for ruminants ) , and for controlled release of each component at an appropriate time .The project contributes to a major area of current development in European agricultural and healthcare policy . Prime proposes Micro lithe is a French SME specialising in micro encapsulation technology . Maximums are a Same end user in the aquaculture field .

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