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Infectious salmon anaemia - development and standardisation of diagnostic methods to detect isav and aspects of the epidemiology of isa (ISA)


This project aims to standardise and validate rapid methods to detect ISAV, investigate the path physiology and epidemiology of ISA and to recommend control policies. The research goals of the project: are:
1) Sequencing the ISAV genome, development of PCR primers/DNA probes, and expression of ISAV genes.
2) Production of antibodies to ISAV and development of immunohistochemistry and in site hybridisation tests to detect ISAV in fixed tissues.
3) Development of novel real-time PCR and NASBA technology to detect and quantify ISAV.
4) Optimisation of culture methods for ISAV.
5) Investigation of the pathophysiology of ISA in salmon and other species.
6) Epidemiology and serology of ISA will also be studied in detail.

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University of Stirling
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University of Stirling
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United Kingdom

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