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African swine fever : improved diagnostic methods and understanding of virus epidemiology and virus-host interactions (ASF CONTROL)


African swine fever is one of the most important diseases of pigs. Its control relies solely on efficient diagnosis and application of strict sanitary measures Vaccine has never been obtained. ASFV infects domestic pigs and Ornithodorus sp. ticks (shown as vectors in Iberian Peninsula before the disease was eradicated). Danger of ASF re-emergence and/or new introduction is a major concern for EU, due to lacking knowledge on mechanisms of viral persistence in the pig and in ticks and because several European countries have close contacts with African countries where the disease is nowadays devastating. The rational of this project is to improve diagnostic methods to enable rapid implementation of prophylactic measures and to improve knowledge on the epidemiology of the disease and on the knowledge on mechanisms of viral persistence in pigs and in ticks. Accomplishment of this proposal will lead to improved control strategies of ASF.

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