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Enhancement of nasal vaccination - improved immune protection, safety and cost-effectivness through optimisation of mucosal and nasal delivery system.


Nasal administration of vaccines provides superior immune protection and is more convenient and cost-effective compared to injection. Development of new well-tolerated adjuvant is required to enhance the immunological response and expand the application of vaccines administered via mussel surfaces. Furthermore, the currently used nasal delivery systems cannot provide adequate dose distribution, reproducibility and dose uniformity to fully exploit the potentials of nasal mussel vaccines. Eurocent AB (Sweden) has developed an adjuvant for nasal vaccines, which compared to currently used adjuvant, provides significantly improved immune response. Optimise AS (Norway) offers a patent pending user-friendly, efficient and safe delivery of nasal vaccines (powders/liquids, mono-/multimode), which is optimal for mass vaccination. Our objective is to develop an improved and cost effective system for nasal vaccination, providing superior immune protection, safety and user friendliness.

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Karolinska institute science park, foqdevreten 2
171 77 Stockholm

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