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Identification of mosquito receptors to dengue virus


The applicant has been already working for 8 months in the laboratory of Dr. Delocalise on the genetic improvement of bacteria active against mosquitoes, which are vectors of important diseases. During this period, he has enhanced his knowledge in molecular biology and molecular entomology, which would be very useful within the new project of molecular entomology entitled 'molecular basis of mosquito-provirus interactions ', started by Dr. Delecluse's group since July 2000. The overall project aims at predicting dengue transmission in mosquito populations. The natural variation in the mosquito competence found among A. Egypt populations suggests that there may be potential specific mosquito receptors to the dengue virus. The group now needs to further characterize these receptors both bio chemically and genetically, and the role of the applicant as described in the present project would beefy both the applicant and the host research group.

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