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Unraveling hcv pathogenicity for the preclinical development of new therapeutic strategies (HEPCVAX)


The overall objectives of the HepCVax cluster is to identify viral and host mechanisms which are involved in
(I) viral replication and particle formation,
(ii) pathogen city and viral persistence and, based on the knowledge of virus properties as well as virus-host interactions and pathogenesis,
(iii) to identify innovative antiviral and immunotherapeutic strategies capable of inducing a broad and sustained HCV specific cellular-mediated immune responses. All information emerging from the understanding of the HCV genome will be integrated in the first ever-European sequence database dedicated to Hepatitis C virus. The cluster will be subdivided in three component Networks. Whereas HepCVax-PARTIC will concentrate on the molecular and intracellular level of the virus-host interactions through the identification of factors involved in HCV-particles formation, HepCVax.IMPA TH will focus on the interaction between HCV and different arms of the innate and adaptive immune response. HepCVax-PRECLIN will exploit the expected discoveries made by Networks 1 and 2 to develop and test new immunotherapeutic strategies in vitro and in small animal models.

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