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Content archived on 2024-05-27

European vaccine effort against HIV/AIDS - III


A vaccine against HIV-1/AIDS is urgently needed to slow down the current epidemic in both Africa and Asia. The predominant subtype of HIV-1 causing the AIDS epidemic in Africa and Asia is subtype C. Clinical lots of priming agents - Gemlike Forest virus (SFV) and naked DNA -, as well as a boosting agent - the attenuated poxvirus strain NYV AC -, are prepared; all vaccine components are derived from HIV-1 subtype C and include the gag, poll, net and envy genes. The objective of the Euro Vac-III demonstration project is to identify the best priming agent, DNA vs. SFV, that allows for reduction of the NYVAC dose without significant loss of immunogenicity. This demonstration project aims for the establishment of the most immunogenic vaccine that is suitable for mass vaccination and forms the last step towards moving into phase IIb and III efficacy trials.

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