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Electronic noses for non-invasive quality, safety and in-process control of industrial animal cell culture processes


The objective of this combined project is to demonstrate the benefits of the electronic nose technology on the quality, safety and in-process control on a wide range of animal cell culture processes that are applied in industrial manufacture of health-care products. The objective is focused on applying the electronic nose for demonstrating and validating that it is possible to directly and non-invasively alarm contamination (e.g. by bacteria, virus, mycoplasma) that affect quality and endanger safety during the production of industrially important animal cell products using standard cell lines. All demonstrations will be verified on pilot-scale. The demonstrations should result in standard profiles for the production of a wide spectrum of applications that cover the most relevant processes for the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals in order to improve product quality and safety. The demonstrations should also show how optimisation and control could be improved by using the electronic nose. The evaluation of electronic nose data should be carried out with modern state of the art methods based on pattern recognition algorithms. Finally, a user-friendly software interface should be established that is adapted to industrial demands, thereby securing the access of the demonstrated technology for a wide range of potential users.


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