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Tissue engineered nerve repair devices: development of european medical implantable devices and research training focus.


Why are there still no effective protocols for repairing the damaged nervous system? Our proposal addresses this question and: will link basic scientists and clinicians working in the fields of the and nerve repair with expertise in complementary technologies and well characterises experimental systems; produce and test fibronectin-based materials for use as implants in nerve repair; identify a quantitative relationship between mechanical load and adhesion in repaired peripheral nerves; develop devices for use when stretch-induced fibrosis is a major problem in nerve repair, such as the use of hyaluronan barrier layers. Assess the potential of fn -based material to support axonal regrowth in thes cns; train young european scientists and clinicians in experimental and clinical research methodologies; generate novel treatment strategies for nerve repair.

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WC2R 2LS London
United Kingdom

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