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New pharmaceutical extraction process for stable plant extracts as active substance against cold diseases


The projects objective is the development of a manufacturing process to be patented to produce anew, stable pharmaceutical extract by either inhabitation of enzymatic degradation of Glucosinolates to Isythiocyanates during the chopping up of the plant material or by stabilizing the isothiocyanates in the plant extract. The project will cover one of the aria type drugs America rustic Ana, Nasturtiumofficinalis or Tropaelum magus, which are effective against cold diseases. The resulting extract will be tested doxologically and pharmaceutically and a medicinal product in an appropriate pharmaceutical form will be developed. A plan for clinical trials of the medicinal product will schedule. Moorages of this kind are not available on the market. The She's expected to open a new market for themselves and others, as the process, once validated, will be transferable to other phytochemicalproducts.

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