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Extraction and stabilisation of natural colours from renewable resources for use in non-food applications: cosmetics, textile and paints


Growing concern about the environmental and human health impacts of synthetic dyes has led to new regulations and increased interest in natural colorants. To implement natural colours in non-food applications, the industries need to develop new technologies. Scientific and technical objectives of this research proposal concern:
(1) optimisation of processing technologies for the extraction of dyes from plant raw materials;
(2) optimisation of production technologies and down-stream processing for isolation of pigments from algal and fungal cultures;
(3) stabilisation of the produced dyes by means of chemo-enzymatic modification and/or physical interactions and
(4) testing the colorants obtained for application in cosmetics, textile and paints. Research is necessary to evaluate and optimise different techniques with respect to process control, yield, product characteristics and a technical-economical evaluation of the proposed techniques.

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