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Comparative genomics in mtdna of brown algae


In order to understand the evolution of the mitochondria genome, a comparative genomic approach is needed. Such a study has hardly been explored in marine algae. The proposed research project has three related goals: to investigate mitochondria genomes of brown algal lineage representatives, using gene sequences, gene order and G+C content, to obtain an overview of the mitochondria evolution within the brown lineage
(1) to specify genetic tools for phylogenetic studies
(2) and population genetic studies
(3) of brown algae. Our interests lie particularly in the Faceless and Laminar ales. Both of these play significant roles in inter- and sub-tidal community structures and comprise commercially important species. The aim of this project is
1. To obtain complete or nearly complete sequences of the mitochondria genres of a Focus species, a Demarest, and a Sphacelaria, which will complement already available sequences of Pliable littorals and Laminar digitise (my PhD work);
2. These data will allow new insights on the phylogeny of the brown algae based on whole genomes;
3. To obtain new DNA sequences and markers for phylogenetic and population-level studies in brown algae.


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