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Integrated in vitro and in vivo testing of drugs in prion diseases: screening, development and mechanisms of novel therapeutics


Developing therapeutic strategies for Tees is of great public concern, especially since the advent of variant CJD. We will examine, in a comprehensive and integrate-ed manner, novel candidate drugs targeting different key events in infected pathogen-sis. We will identify compounds that disrupt the structure of prisons (reducing infectivity), inhibit Preps production &/or prevent Induced-induced neurotoxicity. The compounds will then be tested for their ability to inhibit infected replication in lymphoid tissues, block neuroinvasion, inhibit establishment of infection in the CNS &/or retard pathological changes in the brain that lead to clinical disease. These objectives will be attained through combined high throughput in vitro screening systems & defined animal models. Insights into mechanisms of infected disease pathogenesis will be obtained. The outcome will be named compounds that could be used to treat TSE disease in man or inactivate infectivity in biomedical products.

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