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Molecular physiology of chloride channels: from molecule to disease


The aim of this meeting is to gather scientists from academia, clinics and industry for a state of the art evaluation of the molecular structure, biology, physiology and pathology of chloride channels. The format of the workshop consists of lectures by 15 top scientists in this field and interactive sessions such as discussion rounds and poster presentations.

Following topics will be covered:
(1) Molecular diversity of chloride channels: ClC, CFTR, CLCA family;
(2) chloride channels in human genetic diseases: ClC and muscle and kidney diseases; CFTR and cystic fibrosis;
(3) Structural candidates for chloride channels not yet identified at the molecular level: volume-regulated and Ca-activated chloride channels;
(4) Functional properties of plasmalemmal and intracellular chloride channels;
(5) Novel strategies for rescueing chloride channels defects (CFTR., ClC's).


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Call for proposal

1999/C 64/13-15
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Oude Markt 13
Louvain / Leuven