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Optimisation of cardiac differentiation from es cells : a step towards cell therapy of heart failure


It gives me pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Mrs Evangelic Papadimou who has been a student in our postgraduate course for five years. Her work involved a systematic study of echinoid and vitamin D analogue effects on Raze P activity. The important conclusions emerged from these studies, have been published in very good international journals. Although Mrs Papadimou came to our postgraduate course with a moderate exposure to the spectrum of biochemical and cellular techniques, she very soon developed a successful effort to learn in-depth and apply most of the basic methodologies of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She proved herself an intelligent, enthusiastic, and hard working researcher, who has the potential to make important contributions to the field of cell differentiation. She is very knowledgeable of the literature of Basic Sciences in Medicine, a fact assuring that she will continue to keep herself updated with her new field of interest. Besides, she has a pleasant character and gets along well with other lab personnel as well as with other postgraduate students who rotate in our laboratory. According to my opinion, the host institution is a famous research centre internationally known for its contribution to the field of cell cycle regulation, cell proliferation and differentiation. Moreover, this centre is very well equipped. The requested training of Mrs Papadimou will offer her cycle opportunity to get acquainted witch the current skate of Cellular Biochemistry technology, in a new and competitive scientific environment. I have the pleasure to confirm that Mrs Evangelic Papadimou, compared with the other postgraduate students in the year, is classified in tee top 10% of the quality scale. Consequently, I warmly recommend Mrs Evangelic Papadimou for a Marie Curie Fellowship, hoping that she will gradually emerge as a manure scientist to the field of cell differentiation.

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