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Target specific delivery systems for gene therapy based on cell penetrating peptides


The cell membrane penetrating peptides, Capps, are designed and synthesized recently by the partners, and applied for cellular delivery of oligonucleotides. The aim of the present project is the design, synthesis and testing of novel on-viral modes of efficient target selective transport vectors based on CPPstrategy for delivery of DNA single and double strand cargos and applications ingénue therapy. For that, the mechanisms of cell penetration of Capps will be studied. Specific tissue, cell and sub cellular compartment targeting Capps will be developed for application in gene therapy. The libraries of Capps will besynthesised and tested with combination of iterative approach and high throughput screening. The biological effects of successful oligonucleotide delivery systems will be detected in vitro and in vivo, and used in a high-throughput assay of CPPoptimisation

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