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Content archived on 2024-05-24

European standard operating procedures for electrochemotherapy and electrogenetherapy


The objective of ESOPE is to validate the clinical applications of electroporation of cells in tissues and to establish standard operating procedures (SOP) for their standardised use and rapid dissemination in Europe. These applications are antitumor electrochemotherapy and electrogenetherapy (i.e. DNA electrotransfer in vivo for a new non viral gene therapy). The Project benefits from new EU equipment developed within the 5th PCRD, equipment designed to deliver only the electrical energy necessary to achieve in vivo electroporation, ensuring patient safety as well as the reliability and efficacy of in vivo drug and gene delivery. ESOPE project objectives will be achieved by:
1) controlled application of the treatments according to predefined guidelines;
2) evaluation of the procedures and of the results;
3) definition of SOP and
4) dissemination of these therapies by the preparation of educational and training material, the certification of teams, the organisation of a large meeting for users' information, and the establishment of appropriate contacts with national and EU regulatory agencies and health organisations.

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