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Synthesis and mechanism of action of novel classes of retinoids and rexinoids with antineoplastic activities


In vitro studies, clinical trials and the cure of acute promyelocytic leukemiahave unequivocally demonstrated the cancer therapeutic and cancer preventive action of retinues and resinous. We will generate novel types of legends that activate only a specific function and/or receptor isotope and define itscoregulator interaction pattern. We will identify anti-cancer drugs which exploit the
(1) link between retinues and selective-selective TRAIL death signalling,
(2) autonomous reined signalling that controls cell differentiation and apoptosis,
(3) activation by HDAC or methylamine inhibitors of growth regulation in retinoidnon-responsive cells,
(4) crosswalk with other signalling pathways that can prevent chemical carcinogen sis, and
(5) anti-viral action. The present consortium combines experts of different disciplines to chemically synthesize, screen and characterize novel ret (x) inroads and investigate the molecular basis of their anticancer action.

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