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Molecular visualisation of therapeutic antibody activity during recognition and ablation of new-forming blood vessels: an animated 3d explaination.


The daily growing of scientific data and per consequence the rapid technological development in medicine represents a complicated field to be interpreted by all the society and sometime by the same scientific community. In particular, the project coordinated by University of Siena on identification and engineering of anti-angiogenesis antibodies has already reached important results, and promising benefits are to be expected both in diagnosis and in therapy of angiogenesis-related pathologies. We propose to realise 3D animated videos elucidating the engineering procedure of these antibodies and their functional mechanism in vivo. The planned approach is of particular importance as it enables molecular structural data to be visualised "at work" and interpreted in terms of therapeutic mechanism. This is thought to be knowledge need of public opinion, that is becoming highly sensitive to day-to-day implications of sanitary and biotechnology policies

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Viale Bracci Policlinico Dellle Scotte
53100 Siena

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