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The present and future impact of filamentous-fungal cell factories on the european health-and food-market


The two main goals of the project are:
1) to disseminate the results obtained in the EC projects EUROFUNG I and II (CT96-0535; QLK3-1999-00729) focussed on the improvement of health- and food-related fungal production processes;%l2) to determine the directions and priorities of fungal research for the coming 6-7 years. To reach these goals we plan the following activities:
a) to organize a congress with all key players of the European scientific community in the field of fungal research on biotechnology and biomedicine together with representatives of the fungal industry, promising groups from NAS countries and biotech companies specialized in genomic technologies;
b) to decide on the areas to be covered in a next European fungal research program with a limited number of key players and to assign tasks;) to finalize a blue-print for a new exciting framework VI program in a 2nd workshop and to initiate partner selection and proposal preparation.


64,Wassenaarseweg 64, Al Leiden 2333
2300 RA Leiden