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Effects of outdoor and indoor air pollution on the development of allergic disease in children


The proposed study will investigate the relationship between allergic sensitisation and disease and a number of specific indoor and outdoor pollutants. The study will be conducted in the framework of three ongoing birth cohort studies in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. Data on allergen exposure, traffic related air pollution (NO2, PM2.5 diesel soot) and allergic sensitisation and disease would be available. Data on indoors air pollution (nitrous acid, NO2 and Environmental Tobacco Smoke) and microbial contaminants in house dust (endotoxinmould components) will be collected. Four groups will be compared: children with sensitisation and symptoms, children with sensitisation without symptoms, children without sensitisation with symptoms, and children with neither. The study will provide important new insights into the combined role of indoor and outdoor pollutants in the development and expression of allergic disease in children.

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