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Genome instability and radio-induced mutagenesis in germ cells: consequences in the descendants


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Dr Laurent MICCOLI. I am familiar with Dr MICCOLI's work from the period in which Laurent MICCOLI prepared his PhD thesis at the CURIE Institute and the work he performed during his postdoctoral appointment in my department. Dr Laurent MICCOLI has realised a remarkable work in purifying a human protein potentially involved in illegitimate recombination and in the mutagenesis induced by physical and chemical carcinogens. The mechanisms of mutagenesis in cancer and more generally in biological evolution began to be identified and characterised in mammalian cells. The results obtained by Dr MICCOLI and the other researchers of the Laboratory of Genetics of Radiosensitivity demonstrate the capacity of this protein to directly interact with DNA, probably during the process of replication. Dr MICCOLI is a young researcher that succeeded in performing a straightforward, technically innovative and original research. He is creative, enthusiastic and has a great capacity of work. Dr MICCOLI knows well the techniques of molecular biology. The obtained results allowed him to contribute to numerous articles. The attribution of one year postdoctoral fellowship to Dr MICCOLI will allow him to get trained in order for starting a new research approach. Indeed, Dr MICCOLI has the intention to characterise the mechanism responsible for the hereditary transmission of genetic instability induced by ionising radiation. An introduction to this domain during a post-doctoral training course in a leader laboratory marks the beginning of a long-term joint search effort in an original and prioritary field for the CEA. I highly support his scientific approach and his intention to become researcher at the CEA. Indeed, Dr MICCOLI will postulate for a permanent position in my department at the CEA during the next recruitment commission. Therefore, I warmly recommend Dr MICCOLI's application.

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