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Publication of proceedings on international workshop "hormones and endocrine disrupters in food and water : possible effects on human health".


This application seeks support for publication and dissemination of proceedings on the workshop "Hormones and Endocrine Disrupters in Food and Water: Possible Impact on Human Health", Copenhagen May 2000. The workshop gathered internationally acknowledged scientists in the field and recent. Research studies in this area were comprehensively reviewed, with particular emphasis on the possible impact of chronic exposure to steroid hormones present in food on the developing reproductive system and puberty. The workshop succeeded in supporting an international transfer of information and expertise between basic scientists active in the field of toxicology of endocrine disrupters and epidemiologists and clinicians. Papers from the workshop will be published in scientific peer-reviewed journals. In addition, all papers and discussions will be combined in the Workshop Proceeding, the publishing of which, we here apply funding of.

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