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AQUA 2000: International Conference on Responsible Aquaculture in the New Millennium


The objectives of the project proposal:
Organisation of a landmark aquaculture event, 25 years after the FAO technical conference on Aquaculture in Kyoto, marking the beginning of the new millennium.
Production of a reference work from this milestone event.
Sensitise actors of the expanding aquaculture sector to ensure that constraints suffered by the other related sectors such as agriculture and forestry are avoided.
Contribute to the preparation of new, and the review of existing, guidelines for sustainable aquaculture development.
Stimulate discussions, increase awareness and provoke reflections on the future of aquaculture in the new millennium, including strategies for RTD research.

Already in 1995 it was decided by the board of the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) to hold a landmark conference in Europe at the start of the new millennium, in collaboration with other international bodies such as the World Aquaculture Society (WAS), FAO and EC. Europe was considered very appropriate as a meeting site being the second biggest producer of aquaculture products in the world. WAS supported the idea and decided to act as co-organiser, and FAO Fisheries Department agreed in 1998 to actively participate in the central thematic session.
To this end a structure has been established by EAS and WAS, consisting of a Steering Committee, a Programme Committee, a Production Committee, and a Local Organising Committee. After careful screening Nice (France) was selected - in view of a number of advantages and its very central location - as the venue for this upcoming event.
In addition to the multiple concurrent technical sessions (some 50), AQUA 2000 will include a special thematic session, running throughout the 4 days of the conference, on the central theme of the meeting, namely Responsible aquaculture in the new millennium. In this thematic session, speakers of international reputation will be invited to present 'state-of-the-art reviews' of the various disciplines concerned with aquaculture. Together with the chairpersons -also with international reputation - of the various technical sessions in AQUA 20OO, they will make appropriate recommendations for the future responsible development of aquaculture.
An important objective of this organisation is also the production of a proceedings book which should be regarded as a major reference work for consultation by (young) researchers, producers and decision makers. The quality of the book should be of a high level, not only because of the contributing experts, but also an editorial board will be installed that will closely follow up the review process. As such this book will be a guide to all involved in aquaculture activities in the future and a reference to the quality of this landmark conference. Its distribution will be promoted world-wide in order to make it available to all interested parties, including people from third world countries, young scientists and students.

Aquaculture in Europe and elsewhere is now facing powerful new challenges. It has to move towards a new revolution, faster than agriculture, which encountered the same evolution, but after 50 years of development instead of 30.
The further development of aquaculture will depend on a continuous dialogue, in which research workers, administrators, producers, consumers, and government and other organisations will be involved.
AQUA 2000 will have as a first priority to meet these new challenges, opening new opportunities for our producers, for our scientists, interested groups and consumers. Therefore AQUA 2000 - with an expected attendance of 2000 participants under the impulse of its unique thematic session, is expected to be recognised as a milestone event marking the beginning of the millennium for European and world aquaculture.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


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